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  • Introduction

    Guangdong Hotel is a 4-star hotel with accommodation capacity of 500 rooms. It's located in the downtown city and near the beautiful YueXiu Mountain and the world-famous Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. From the hotel, it only takes 10 minutes' walk to the main shopping street and 5 minutes' walk to the nearest metro station. The distance between the hotel and the Guangzhou Railway Station and the new International Airport is only 3km and 26km respectively. The hotel features exquisite contour, multi-layered open green balconies, garden-like podium top, spacious and magnificent lobby with trees, flowers and fountains on its middle floor, which presentss all guests a picturesque southern landscape. Supplying complete facilities for services, recreation, business and conference, the hotel also provides the guests fine western and eastern cuisines in hotel restaurants with stylish dining atmosphere. It is an ideal place for business, tourism and conferences. We are cordially waiting for your presence.

  • Guangdong Hotel on Guangzhou's Traditional Central Axis

    Since the establishment in B.C. 214, a magic urban central axis formed. It starts from Yuexiushan Hill in the north, passes through Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, People's Park, Qiyilu, Haizhu Square and ends at the Pearl River. It has been the downtown of Guangzhou and the soul of the city, which comprises rich historical heritage and traditional culture. This axis never moves during its more than 2000 years' development. There are only three such incredible cities in the world, which are Rome, Alexandria and Guangzhou.

    Through archaeological studies, up to Qing Dynasty, a north-to-south urban central axis took its primary shape, which passed through Guanyinshan (now Yuexiushan), the old government (now Finance Department of Guangdong Province) and commercial area (now Beijinglu Pedestrian Street). At early years of the Republic of China (1912-1949), Guangzhou stepped into another important development phase. On the basis of Qing Dynasty's urban layout, it was renovated in large scale. For example, in 1918, the Official Garden was transformed into the Central Park (now the People's Park; in 1919, a new road named Weixinlu (now Qiyilu) was built; in 1929, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Monument was constructed; in 1931, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was completed; and in 1934, the city hall (now Guangzhou City Hall) was built, thus forming a traditional urban central axis. Especially since the liberation and reform and opening-up in recent 20 years, the local government has attached great importance to perfect the construction along the central axis so as to make it full of vigor and traditional charm, and demonstrate Guangzhou's culture and local characteristics. “Cloudy Hills and Clean Water, inheritance of tradition” are the cultural quintessence of Guangzhou's traditional central axis.

    Guangdong Hotel is just located at the starting point – the foot of Yuexiushan Hill. The outer graded configuration of the building seems a throne that harmonizes with neighboring Five-Ram Sculpture, Fiver-Storey Building and Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. A geomancer told us that: Since Guangdong Hotel stands by the “Dragon Range” of Guangzhou central axial and is soaked with “Dragon Range” nobility, it is sure to make profit and to flourish. “Enjoy our hospitality and make your stay feel like home” is our spirit to serve guests from all over the world.

  • All around

    Guangdong Hotel 's central location assures convenient access to all areas of Guangzhou.

    Metro Station only 5mins by Walk.

    Guangzhou Railway Station only 3km.

    Baiyun International Airport only 26km.

    Tourism Spots Near the Hotel :

    Beijing Road Downtown Commercial Street only 10mins by Walk.

    Dr. Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall only 5mins by Walk.

    Five-Ram Statue and Guangzhou Museum on Yuexiu Mountain only 15mins by Walk.

    Museum of the Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King only 15mins by Walk.

  • Contact Us

    Add: 309 Dongfengzhong Road, Guangzhou, China (Metro Line 2 Memorial Hall Station,Exit D)

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